Top Summer Tips – Keep SAFE & SAVE

Top Summer Tips – Keep SAFE & SAVE



In QLD that means HEAT & STORMS!

1. Clean your AC filters

To get the best performance & economy from your air conditioners, remember to clean the filters at the beginning of summer & again in winter.  Remove the front cover from your AC, slip the filter panels out & clean with warm water.
If you haven’t thought about installing an AC because it seems too expensive read our blog about the Energex PeakSmart Rebate. It might just be cheaper than you think!

2. Make friends with your switchboard

Don’t put this in the too-hard-basket! At the very least, find your switchboard/s & get familiar with your circuits & safety switches. You may have more than one board so look in cupboards & wardrobes as well as outside.

3. Safety Switch Reset Guide

Learn how to reset your safety switch to restore power. Print our FREE GUIDE & KEEP IT ON YOUR FRIDGE. Getting a sparky out over the holiday season can be expensive & the last thing you need is an avoidable power loss over Xmas.

4. Outdoor clean up – get community minded

  • Clear out your gutters to help prevent water entry through light fittings during heavy rainfall
  • Trim trees, especially near power lines, to reduce over head danger in high winds
  • Clear your yard of light items that could become airborne & keep umbrellas wound down incase of storms
  • Offer to help elderly neighbours who might have trouble climbing ladders. Remember, what starts in a neighbour’s yard can finish coming through your roof! AND who doesn’t love to help out a friend?!

5. Surge protection

IMAGINE: a thunderstorm hits while you’re at work. Now imagine all your expensive home appliances have been damaged by a power surge during that storm.
SOLUTION: Buy power boards with surge protection from any good appliance shop. You can install surge protection in your switchboard but for many of us, a simple power board will get the job done, cheaper.
Problem solved!





Transform your garden into a Tropical Paradise 
Stay home instead!



The terrific range of low voltage garden lights available 
makes it cheaper than you’d think.  Mix yourself a cocktail 
& put your feet up in your OWN paradise for a 
fraction of the cost of an overseas getaway.  
Great for your property value…and your social life!

Ask us about the best options for you!

More great tips to come in our


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