Severe weather warning

Destructive winds, heavy rainfall, abnormally high tides, & dangerous surf from Thursday 19/2/15.  BoM warning

Safety Switch=protected right?? 
Most people assume if they have a safety switch they are completely protected BUT...
In a lot of cases lights & ceiling fittings AREN’T PROTECTED as it isn't yet required by law. 
Electricity & Water are a Deadly Combination so during storms DON’T TOUCH any water affected light fittings or power points. If you have water leaking through any of the light fittings, fans, powerpoints or switches at your property, you need to contact a licenced electrician straight away.


We recommend installing safety switches on ALL your circuits to guard against ALL electrical faults at your property.  

5 Top tips to get you prepared

1. Switchboard

Know where your switchboard is & get familiar with your circuits & safety switches. If you have old porcelain fuses, learn how to change fuse wires & have spare fuse wire of the right size, a flat head screwdriver & a torch ready to go.


2. Backup lighting

Install a battery back up light in your main hall or living area.  These will automatically come on in a power outage & recharge off your lighting circuit when the power comes back on. Keep torches handy. 

3. Emergency numbers

Have our phone number on the fridge & also a roofer/plumber & emergency services (000). Stay well clear of fallen trees, fallen power lines and damaged structures or buildings – always assume they’re ‘live’ and dangerous. Report them immediately to Triple Zero (000). Avoid wading, even in shallow water as it may be Electrically Live.

4. Outdoor preparation

Trim trees that might cause damage to power lines or roofs in high winds. Remove things from your yard that could get picked up in high winds.  If you lose power during a storm the most likely place to look for the cause is outdoor power points, outdoor lights and pumps.  Unplugging these and resetting your safety switch may get the power back on.  If you’re not sure its safe, ALWAYS call your licenced electrician straight away!

5. Protecting Appliances

Buy power boards with surge protection to protect your appliances. Available at good appliance shops. Unplug expensive electrical items during storms.


More Information

For more information on how to prepare for storms, print these information sheets for your fridge.


Electricity is invisible and dangerous.
Don’t take risks with power. 

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