THE RISK IS REAL. One safety switch may not be enough

THE RISK IS REAL. One safety switch may not be enough

The Queensland Government has launched a major campaign to raise community awareness of the importance of having electrical safety switches installed on all circuits in the home.

Safety switches protect you from electric shock at work, as well as protect your family at home and anyone else visiting the property. A lot of people think because they have a safety switch they are completely protected. But it’s just not the case. Regardless of whether you think you’re covered, you should consider whether you are properly protected and have safety switches installed on ALL circuits within your home.

Is it a safety switch?
To see if you have safety switches installed at your home, look inside your switchboard for a ‘Test’ or ‘T’ button near the circuit breakers. The test buttons can be various colours and range in size and shape. They could also be labeled ‘Safety switch’, ‘ELCB’ or ‘RCD’. If you are unsure, have your electrician check which circuits are protected.

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Watch this quick video for all the facts or check out this brochure from the electrical safety office.



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